Monday, 28 June 2010

Street Style Is Changing the Face of 'Mom Style'

On the sidewalks during Fashion Week, lewk-wearers will attempt some styling tricks that might look incredible in a picture, but don�t necessarily work for the real world. Take that whole thing about throwing your jacket over your shoulders � at this point, it�s a street style clich�. But leave it to fashion people to
turn toward something even more challenging as trends start to tire�
We call it the forced shoulder exposure. Whether you�re wearing your jackets around your elbows or pulling a wide neckline down and around a shoulder, manipulating your clothes to look like they�re already halfway off has made its way from a runway styling trend to a Fashion Week attendee trend. If we read the patterns, that means you�ll probably be seeing a real-life version on the street in just a few months�or maybe in the mirror?
I can see why she wouldn�t be into talking to me, another nosy reporter. So, I�m pleasantly surprised when she arrives and greets me with a warm hug that lasts longer than I expect it to. Her raven hair and impossibly long eyelashes are every bit as dazzling in person as they are in her glamorous Instagram selfies. Save for a bit of sparkle shadow on her lids, she appears to be makeup-free. She is only 5-foot-5, but she seems statuesque in her cropped sweater, high-waisted leggings, and heels. The outfit gives the illusion that she is nearly all legs.
After the hug, Gomez sits down, tucks her hair behind her ear, folds her hands � nails painted a deep, slate gray and carefully filed into pointy talons � and waits for the first question. She�s all business. After spending years being judged in the press and media-trained by the Disney machine, she has built up a protective wall that can seem impenetrable. Finding out who she really is � beyond the gossip � is like digging for fossils with a Q-tip.


But by 20 minutes in, we�re getting somewhere. We talk about the complexities of female self-confidence � at best, it�s schizophrenic � and we laugh about an Amy Schumer joke that she roughly translates as, �Some mornings you wake up and you�re like, �Everything about me is amazing!� And the next morning you�re like, �How did anybody ever sleep with me?��

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